Senior Design Team sdmay22-18 • Smart Digital Stethoscope - Phase II

Project Description

Our project gives the ability for doctors to monitor patients with heart-and lung-related issues with minimized contact and increased efficiency. On the day-to-day, patients will be able to individually measure their heartbeats or lung contractions without needing to be in the presence of a healthcare professional. Patient data will automatically be converted into digital data that will be streamed in real-time via WiFi to a server that healthcare professionals can access at any time. Additionally, our project will enable automatic detection of heart and lung irregularities; any irregularities detected will result in notification to the healthcare professional. Automatic patient data recording, transmission, streaming, and detection will increase the accessibility of healthcare for all patients, ease from the healthcare professional’s side, and convenience for all.

Smart digital stethoscope usage process:

Smart digital stethoscope overall system schematic diagram:

PCB design of the bandpass filter:

Our software architecture schematic sketchs: